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Foot Foundations

Foot Foundations

SEPTEMBER 30th 9:30-11PM

Our feet are the key to a long life of healthy mobility. They are highly developed, complex structures that do so much more work for us than we know. They support us all day long, yet they are often one of the most neglected parts of ourselves. They get stuffed into shoes for most of the day and don’t get to really get to fully relax until you go to bed.

Ultimately, this class aims to not only make your feet stronger and more comfortable, but because of the foot’s interconnection with knee, hip, and spinal alignment, this class will make your whole body feel better!

In addition to specific exercises, active release, awareness, you will learn about alignment, walking, and even footwear. This class will leave you with a deep appreciation of your feet and you will walk away with a simple daily plan to start addressing your specific foot concerns. You’ll never want to ignore them again!

This class is suitable for all bodies, ages, and levels of knowledge.

This class is also a fundraiser for The Museum of Northern California Arts, all proceeds will go to raising money for art education at MONCA.

If you have any questions please email Morgan.

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