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Celebrate Red Yellow Blue, monca… five years at 900 Esplanade

Celebrate Red Yellow Blue, monca… five years at 900 Esplanade

Celebrate RED YELLOW BLUE – monca…five years at 900 Esplanade coincided with (you guessed it) monca‘s 5-year birthday at the Veteran’s Memorial Hall.

Each gallery was filled with works from Northern California artists that were dominant in the colors of red, yellow, or blue! A perfect match for the celebration!

The exhibition opened on June 16. The opening reception was on Saturday, June 18, 2022, from 6 – 8 pm.

Exhibiting Artists:

(alphabetical by first name)

Adele Etcheverry-Sheets, Durham

Alper Firatli, Lafayette

Angela Treat Lyon, Chico

Arthur Wesley Lemner, Chico

Carlos Loarca, San Francisco

Carol Jenkins, Mt. Shasta

Carolyn McLeod, Chico

Cassandra Kassel, Chico

Christine Allayla, Chico

Christine Muratore Evans, Chico

Claudia Jeffers, Grass Valley

Cris Guenter, Chico

Dana Mano-Flank, San Carlos

Dick Kennedy, Chico

Eleonora Fürst, Chico

Erin Wells, Chico

Garth Fry, San Francisco

Gwen Nelson, Chico

James Woronow, Chico

Jane Zich, Fairfax

Janet Lucroy, San Rafael

Jason Tannen, Chico

Joella Guaraglia-Wheeler, Colusa

Judy Kane, Chico

Judy Hunter Ramos, Chico

Kimberly Rachelle Ranalla, Chico

Lucia De Bono, Chico

Martin Jimenez, Chico

Marvey Mueller, Chico

Maryann Steinert-Foley, Sonoma

May Zindel, Chico

Michael Bone, Chico

Nate Hundoble, Chico

Nelson & Dynan, Red Bluff

Patty Moriarty, Chico

Paul Ford, Sonoma

R. L. Eastman, Chico

Richard K. Baron, Chico

Rosario Clerici-Green, Chico

Ruth Hall, Chico

Sheryl Karas, Chico

S. J. Luke, Cottonwood

Steve Lim, Yuba City

Susan Fuller, Chico

Susan Kirk, Chico

Tara Esperanza, Oakland

Thomas Young, Chico

Tim B. Moore, Chico

Travis Taylor, Chico

Victoria Veedell, San Francisco

Virginia Sharkey, Mendocino

Walton C. Walker, Oroville

William Peterson, Chico

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900 Esplanade, Chico, CA, 95926

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