Outside Inside

The artist’s life of connecting with nature in posthumous exhibit

When she was a girl growing up in Berkeley, Ann Leon sometimes accompanied her father, Dennis Leon, on hikes into the nearby Coast Ranges foothills. It was her job, she says, to carry drinking water in a backpack he’d fashioned for that purpose.

These were more than hikes, however; like everything else Dennis Leon did, they had an artistic dimension…


BCAC.TV wins two WAVE Awards for "Art Breaks the Cycle of Homelessness"

"Art Breaks The Cycle of Homelessness"

Underserved Voices- Community Producer

Skyler Sabine, Edward McBride 

monca, Friends Of The Arts

To view: https://vimeo.com/279441745

Congratulations to BCAC.TV  who won two W.A.V.E. (Western Access Video Excellence) awards at the 2019 ACM West Conference and Trade Show in Long Beach last week.  monca, along with Friends of The Arts, is proud to be a part of one of those awards!