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Affinity: A Collaborative Exhibition with NIAD


Contemporary art is filled with many and varied conversations. Some center on materials and techniques, some are emotive, and other discussions involve intellectual exercises, maybe even jokes.

For “Affinity,” the Museum of Northern California Art has generously opened its permanent collection, allowing NIAD Art Center to leap in, creating a group exhibition that takes snippets of conversations created by the Museum’s works and expands the discussions into an even more diverse cacophony.

Pairing up more than 20 works – paintings and objects -- created by NIAD artists with a similar number of works from Northern California artists creates a show that exudes a sort of call and response, or even in some situations a connect-the-dots.

Included artists are Steve Miranda Byer, Lisa Blevens, Lew Carson, Sal Casa, Deatra Colbert, Arista Dawson, Michael Divan, Julio Del Rio, Sylvia Fragoso, Jon Fukui, Felicia Griffin, Tom Griffith, Mike Halldorson, Raven Harper, Bill Hauk, Grace Hertlein, Richard Hornaday, James Kuiper, Portia Lyde, Julie MacDonald, Karen May, Ann Meade, Marlon Mullen, Cynthia Rand, Shantae Robinson, Elena Rossi, Alice Sampson, Danny Thach, Jeffrey Thurston, Christian Vassell, and Billy White.

August 31-October 29, 2017
Reception: Thursday, August 31, 6-8pm

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